Accounting & Consulting Projects

$875 Fixed Price

1. Revenue Model 1A - Saas - Approx 8-10 hrs/$225 (SaaS with the 3 subscription plans) - 15% more for monthly contract vs annual contract 2. Revenue Model 1B - Saas with Local Hardware - 5-8 Hrs/$200 (based on # of client, cameras and amortization of upfront payment) 3. Revenue Model 2 -API and SDK - 5 hrs/$125 (we would model this in a simple way now and subject to change when you actually launch the project. We don't want to spend too much time here as this would be launched 2-3 years down the line) 4. Sales Model - Funnel Matrix - 2-4 hrs/$100 (based on inputs provided by Anders) 5. Historical Statements Addition to the model - 2-3 hrs/$75 6. Revenue linkage to market sizing data and market penetration calculations - Approx 2-4 hrs/$100 (market data to be provided by Anders) 7. Other small tasks/revisions (like changes in personnel plan) - 2-5 hrs/$50 Approx 30-40hrs

$500 Fixed Price

Monthly cash flow forecast model. Needs to work off of monthly historic GL numbers for BS and IS. Numbers will be provided in Excel. Historic numbers from 2015 to April 2017 forecast monthly through Dec 2018 and annually for 3 additional years. Need to provide for typical assumptions/levers Sales Growth, COGS%, Labor Cost % (or labor $ / case) Overhead %, etc G&A expenses off of current Jan-April 2017 actual with lever for inflation assumption. BS driven by Inventory Days, A/R days outstanding, A/P days outstanding, historic fixed assets, etc. The biggest challenge will be to forecast sales and COGS based on historic sales per customer per SKU. Data will be provided in excel format and needs to be incorporated into model. You may work off of current model (WAY TOO COMPLICATED in it's current form) or you may create a model from scratch (or another existing) Previous modeling experience required. I will need to see examples of other models created with references

$1,000 Fixed Price

I'm looking for a bookkeeper to get my books up to date and to continue to manage them on a continual basis. You should be proficient in Quickbooks online and knowledgable in Canadian tax info. I need someone who is efficient, accurate, has attention to detail and can get things caught up quickly.

Negotiable Fixed Price

Hi, I run a sales team and I would like some help in understanding the numbers better. I need to build a budget through Xero and learn how to manage this team with break even points, cost per sale, sweet points, ability to forecast and over all bench marking. This job was posted from a mobile device, so please pardon any typos or any missing details.

$75 Fixed Price

This is a project to benchmark the cost saving initiatives that big coporations have undertaken. This could be due to: Streamlining processs implementing new technologies Supplier value chain engagments etc The expectation is that you will come up with atleast 10 real use cases with through analysis on how, savings achieved, recommendations etc. This job was posted from a mobile device, so please pardon any typos or any missing details.

$30 Fixed Price

I need template for total money (( salary )) received of that year in breakdown : monthly- date - form of payment - and etc..........

$40 Fixed Price

Hello (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE BIDDING) I need an excellent account/financial analyst or business appraiser to value a public company based in Jordan. Tasks to be performed (ALL IN AN EXCEL WORKBOOK, NO REPORT NEEDED) -Perform Financial Analysis of the Business -Calculate the Adjusted EBITDA (Removing unrealized profit or loss and any irregular and non-recurring items). -Construct a valuati...

$750 Fixed Price

Looking for a person with good English to teach one individual about HRM for 7 days (1-7 December). The location is New Delhi. I will only consider the applicants who are already residing in Delhi.

$1,050 Fixed Price

We are a global team from different countries, including USA, and we are looking for an attorney that helps us go through the process of registering our NPO for coaching and training services in Delaware (USA).

$430 Fixed Price

Looking for a freelancer who can manage HR work like Payroll of 30-35 people, hiring right candidate by interviewing them etc.