seo-keyword-research Projects

2 years ago $ 200

Looking for intermediate wordpress developer for developing cms site with normal seo. This job was posted from a mobile device, so please pardon any typos or any missing details.

2 years ago $ 30

eBay listing optimisation - use these as a test before opening up my other lists and products for other store. Also would want to move them to Amazon as well, if you have skills there. Looking for ongoing person to run this, optimise and keep listings at top. 25 listings at present that require optimisation, keyword research and updating to get my products in listings.

2 years ago $ Negotiable

I have zero understanding of SEO optimisation and building more traffic for my blog. I started it 6 months ago and am struggling to get serious traffic on the site and across social media platforms. I need somebody to revamp the SEO element of my website and content across my blog, whilst provide ways to build serious traffic to my blog.

2 years ago $ 30

I find people are confusing when choosing mattresses and many people are displeased about their shopping experiences. So I did a lot of research and wrote an article about the problems of mattress industry, as well as pains of mattress buyers. Although I already have good content, I believe some keywords must be inserted in it to help people easily find it in Google. However, I can't find suitable keywords with Google Keyword Planner. Recently I learned a lot of useful threads to find keywords from Those threads includes searching keywords in forums, google trends, reddit, quora, facebook ads, pinterests and many long tail keywords tools. In a word, you need to find out what keywords will people use to find topics on my given content.

3 years ago $ 450

Hi, our company is specialized in digital marketing and programmatic advertising. We look for English Speaking Account Manager to support our Partners (Publishers and Advertisers) by E-Mails, Skyp, and sometimes on the phone. required skills: spoken English: strong or native background about digital marketing good knowledge about online advertising big Bonus: if you have experience with one of the following fields: Display Advertising, Media Buying, programmatic advertising This is par time job around 20 hours weekly.

3 years ago $ 50

I currently have 18 travel videos posted on Youtube since January this year. I wonder if someone could help me grow my subscribers. Let me know your rate so we can start working.

4 years ago $ 100

Brand new site Needs seo to start ranking, Niche is Entertainment site. Purpose is to target new fans (Hip - Hop) Build backlinks, Keywords everything involved with seo! This job was posted from a mobile device, so please pardon any typos or any missing details.

4 years ago $ Negotiable

In this job you'll be working about 10 hours per week doing: SEO Strategy SEO Analysis of Competitors Keyword Research Analysis of Factor Driving Website Rankings Technical SEO