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2 years ago $ 200

Looking for intermediate wordpress developer for developing cms site with normal seo. This job was posted from a mobile device, so please pardon any typos or any missing details.

2 years ago $ 5

We are looking for freelancers -english native- for one project about Event Marketing /Conferences/Wedding Venues. The project consist off writing one article per week for blog corporate of our clients. Then, our team will review the content and they will aprove each post.

2 years ago $ 300

I need your help to create the name of site, domain name, slogan copy, mission, value, strategy branding business plan (simple), web site architecture in writing part (SEO knowledge) so that web designer can place all words in web site. If you could create the logo and web design, that is fantastic but now I am particularly looking for someone could come up the core branding strategy and writing contents for the purpose of creating the simple web site in English and Japanese. If you can write either language and native, that is good. I need you to show me your portfolio showing related work. I team up with HIV/AIDS specialist clinic in Bangkok to supply PrEP, Truvada (ツルバダ)by Gilead for those cannot afford in their country such as Japan, China and many others. What we sell is Truvada which is anti-HIV pill approved by FDA. It can be used for prevention of HIV infection aka PrEP(プレップ). Truvada by Gilead is the one approved to be used as PrEP by USA, France and Canada at this moment. The clinic can prescribe and ship out if buyer could submit all test result with their name by their local doctor and clinic with passport copy. We do everything legally. It is legal for Japanese or whoever live in Japan to purchase prescribed medicine online from out of Japan for their personal consumption (only 1 month supply) even without prescription. However we require that buyers need to submit all necessary test result because Truvada needs to be prescribed. There are many online stores selling generics without any prescription and no advice which they cannot do. At this moment, we supply only Original Truvada approved by FDA with much cheaper than usual market price, still more expensive than generics. I will be the agent for the clinic and buyer. But I want you to think a bit further. It could be good to sell only Original PrEP Truvada for branding strategy now but sooner or later, generics will be approved and available with much more affordable price. It is a good thing for people in needs. So, before this happens, I would like to be in unique position to support people in needs of PrEP. Starting out selling Truvada only but eventually I could supply generics, HIV/AIDS treatment, online consultation, health supplement to strength liver, bone, medical tour to Thailand, etc… It means the mission and other writing contents should consider them. I need you to search and educate your self about this PrEP market from all over and check those who are selling PrEP online, too. I want you to find the sweet spot and find the niche among other PrEP online shop. I want professional strategist to suggest and work with me how we represent ourself in words to create the web site. I want someone who does not mind spending sufficient time to research and educate yourself about this subject. This project will take your time but not so financially rewarding for some professional, so I want someone to be very interested in this subject. Next step will be setting up the blog, Facebook, twitter, mail magazine etc.. that many writing work will be coming. If you could do it, that is great. Especially if you understand SEO and have digital marketing skill, fantastic. Thank you for your interest in this project in advance!

3 years ago $ Negotiable

I'm looking for an excellent SEO copywriter, with experience writing unique, compelling content for a variety of different industries. You should be able to understand the mind of the customer and write copy which compels them to act. I'm looking for someone reliable and competent who can work with me for the long term. I have client's from a variety of industries including: - Medical / Health - Trades / Services - Jewellery - Pets / Pet Care - many more

3 years ago $ 40

We are looking for Native English Writers who can research and write long form articles 3500 words. We are looking for authoritative, definitive article and backed up with detailed research that delivers the final word on a topic. • Business writing/Technology • The source must be reliable, authoritive and varied. • No fluff or padded content. • Understanding of SEO • The content of the must be evergreen as possible

3 years ago $ 200

How Automation, AI, and Machine Learning Are Changing Business Operations - AI, ML, RPA introduction - Use of these technology and value addition in changing business operations - Reference blog: Blog post should be around 800 words.

3 years ago $ 20

Please let me know your rate per word. Articles will be in Dutch. Link building may be done by English speakers. Please let me know your payment per back link and provide past work. Budget is flexible. This job was posted from a mobile device, so please pardon any typos or any missing details.

3 years ago $ 80

We are looking for an experienced content writer/blogger, who can write detailed pieces for a new blog. This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to sink their teeth into writing about something new (health & fitness industry - from a business perspective, not lifestyle - just to add!) and in a more academic format. -Final piece will need to be at least 800 words. -Excellent English grammar required. -Suggestions on relevant images to be used per article -Each article Must incorporate strategic keywords, title tags, and internal links/backlinks for SEO. We are looking to work with a writer on a longterm basis, producing 1x article per week. Please let me know if you have any questions and also let me know of any writing experiences you may have. If you are keen to work on a trial post, do please let me know and perhaps we can schedule a call for next week, so as to explain the brief in detail. Look foward to hearing from you.

4 years ago $ 1190

Project Management system- maintain the employee information and rating system. based on that provide the salary to the employee .

4 years ago $ 3250

Like A Boss Girls. A media forum for female millenials. We focus on personal finance, wellness, career growth, and entrepreneurship.